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Los Milagros

Syrupy, smooth and round

We taste nectarine, caramel and dates

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From: £8.50

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A washed process mix of caturra, catuai and bourbon varieties produced and harvested in March 2020 by a group of smallholders in the Chiapas region of Mexico. 

Sweet and well-balanced with a round texture and lovely complexity, Los Milagros boasts all of the characteristics that we look for in delicious espresso. With a sweet caramel base supported by vibrant notes of dried fruits and nectarine, we think this makes for a beautiful all-rounder and is super tasty served black as well as when paired with milk.

Translated as The Miracles, Los Milagros is so named because of the special region in which this coffee was grown. One of the mountains in the state of Chiapas is called Cerro Malé, which means “The Hill of Miracles”. For hundreds of years, the indigenous tribes believed that sick people could be healed by bathing in the water streams that run underneath Cerro Malé, and additionally, in the times of the Spanish Conquer, the indigenous tribes used to hide and refuge inside the tunnels and caves that you can find along the skirts of Cerro Malé. Today, Cerro Malé and its surroundings are home to dozens of small-scale coffee growers where primarily organic coffee is produced. These coffee growers are members of an organisation called CABIOCHI, which was created with the objective of working in an environmentally friendly way during the production of coffee, specifically avoiding chemicals that adversely affect their soil.

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