About us

Founded in the summer of 2020, Blossom Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee company born and based in Manchester. A focus on sustainability underpins everything we do. From the way we source our green coffee to the way we run our business here in the UK, our aim is to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Why we roast coffee

As with many of life’s luxuries we currently take for granted, coffee is facing a challenging and uncertain future. As temperatures rise and extreme weather grows more frequent, coffee becomes increasingly susceptible to diseases, pests, and drought, while productivity and quality both fall. World Coffee Research have predicted that without immediate intervention, 46-49% of land currently used for coffee production will become unsuitable by 2050.

We need an urgent but thoughtful shift in the way we buy and consume our morning pick-me-up, and we all have an essential role to play in igniting conversations around the role our buying habits play in protecting our natural environment.

We believe the best way for us to contribute to this shift is through developing, supporting, and progressing transparent relationships throughout our supply chains. Above all else, sustainability in the coffee industry starts with ensuring financial stability for producers, so that they are in a position to invest in the future of their businesses in the face of new and ever-changing challenges caused by climate change.

Behind the scenes, we’re working to ensure that our commitment to a sustainable future is also reflected in our operating practices here in the UK. We are one of the first coffee roasters in the country to be certified as a CarbonNeutral® company, and as a pending B Corp we have joined the frontline of a global movement of like-minded companies all using business as a force for good ™.

Our history

Blossom was established in the summer of 2020 but the team here has been in the speciality coffee industry for many years and we’ve all had the privilege of honing our craft at some of the industry’s best establishments.

Joshua Clark, co-founder of Blossom and Head of Coffee, started his coffee career with a roasting apprenticeship at Coffee Supreme in Melbourne. As a qualified Q grader and SCA sensory judge, his focus is on developing transparent supply relationships as well as ensuring we deliver quality and consistency in every cup.

Our Head of Wholesale, Oli Jones, joined the team having headed up the North of England wholesale operation at Origin Coffee for the last five years and is a certified AST with the SCA as well as an established competition barista, twice making it through to the finals in the UKBC.

Andy Farrington, co-founder and Head of Sustainability, started his coffee career eight years ago at London’s world-renowned barista training centre and cafe, Prufrock Coffee. Since then he has been lucky enough to move all over the world working in speciality coffee and more recently has been focusing his attention on tackling the effects of climate change in the future of coffee production, a subject really close to all of our hearts.

Sustainable and transparent sourcing

We know that our coffees are only as good as the raw materials we work with, and in order to achieve our mission of protecting this quality for future generations, we believe strongly that we must work towards a living income for producers by being part of a movement which demonstrates fully transparent supply chains.

To that end, we work exclusively with importing and sourcing partners whose ethical credentials we feel most aligned with, who share our vision of securing a sustainable future for coffee producers, and who are open and supportive in sharing transparency data.

Roasting and quality control

We roast in small batches on the Loring S15, with the aim of presenting the clearest expression of each coffee’s natural characteristics, always striving to showcase the work of the producer in the most thoughtful and delicious way possible. Our Q-grade certified team perform quality control on every single batch, taking meticulous and honest notes along the way, with the focus on consistently achieving the sweetest, cleanest and most transparent roasts.

We want you to enjoy our coffees as easily as possible which is why we roast with the intended brewing style in mind. Our filter roasts are best for all filter brewing methods, while our espresso roasts are best for brewing espresso, stove top, or if you like milk with your coffee.

Training and showroom

Located just a stones throw away from Manchester Victoria train station in the city centre, our training and showroom is fully equipped with top-end professional equipment from our manufacturing partners and serves as our home in Manchester to welcome wholesale partners and customers.

We offer regular SCA certified courses to the public throughout the year, alongside our wholesale support training programmes.

Please note that visits are by appointment only.

Our Team

Andy Farrington – Co-founder & Sustainability

Joshua Clark – Co-founder & Head of Coffee

Oli Jones – Head of Wholesale


Finalist – Food & Drink Heros Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year Category, 2021

Finalist –  Sprudgie Notable Roaster Category, 2020

First Place  – Northern Aeropress Championships, 2019

Finalist – UKBC, 2019

Finalist – UKBC, 2018