It's time to do things differently.

Blossom was founded in Manchester in the summer of 2020 with the aim of doing business differently.

From our transparent approach to sourcing to the work we do to minimise our environmental impact, we hope to demonstrate that business can be a force for good.

Our purpose

We want people to fall in love with speciality coffee and encourage them to be part of a movement that helps to protect it for future generations.

Coffee is facing a challenging and uncertain future. As temperatures rise and extreme weather grows more frequent, coffee becomes increasingly susceptible to disease, pests, and drought, while productivity and quality both fall. World Coffee Research have predicted that without immediate intervention, 46-49% of land currently used for coffee production will become unsuitable by 2050.

We need an urgent but thoughtful shift in the way we buy and consume our morning pick-me-up, and we all have an essential role to play in igniting conversations around the role our buying habits play in protecting our natural environment.

Read about how we are contributing to this shift here.


Our ambition is to buy from the same producers every year. By working in this way rather than simply buying one-off microlots, we aim to build long-term, mutually beneficial, and ultimately sustainable supply relationships with those responsible for producing our beautiful coffees.

Our sourcing is focused on nine countries: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. In most of these origins, we work exclusively with one producer or group – we believe that the greatest value is to be found by going deeper into our sourcing relationships rather than wider.

Transparency is central to our green coffee program. By publishing our data and openly communicating how much is being paid for our coffees, we hope to be part of a movement which normalises prioritising living incomes for producers. In 2022 we became only the second UK roaster to sign The Pledge, and in doing so we agree to share a fixed set of variables when reporting on green coffee purchases. Read more here.


We roast in small batches on the Loring S15, with the aim of presenting the clearest expression of each coffee’s natural characteristics.

Loring is the cleanest roaster in its class, both in terms of its environmental impact and the roast profiles that it is capable of achieving. Not only this, but Loring’s unparalleled control enables us to achieve the highest standards of consistency from batch to batch.

Our preference is for sweet, clean and transparent cup profiles, and this acts as a framework through which all of our buying and roasting decisions are made. The quality of our coffee is only as good as the raw materials that we source, and therefore as roasters, we see our role simply as unlocking the potential of the coffee and showcasing the work of the producers with whom we work in the most thoughtful and considered way possible.


Joshua Clark: Co-founder and Head of Coffee

A qualified Q grader and SCA sensory judge, Josh is responsible for sourcing, roasting and quality control here at Blossom.

Favourite coffees? Anything sweet, clean and balanced. Washed Colombian coffees are my go-to.

Oli Jones: Head of Wholesale

A qualified AST and former UKBC finalist, Oli manages our wholesale program, ensuring we deliver the best possible experience to our hospitality partners.

Favourite coffees? Coffees that are truly reflective of their terroir and processing, whether that’s super clean and refined or juicy and wild.

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