It's time to do things differently

Blossom Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee company founded in Manchester in 2020. We are a small, passionate team that is dedicated to sharing the highest quality coffee, and operating in a way that is responsible towards people and planet.

Since day one we have strived to do things differently, driven by the desire to demonstrate that an approach which prioritises transparent, equitable supply chains can improve the long term sustainability of our industry.

Transparent sourcing

Ever since starting Blossom, our mission has been clear: we want people to fall in love with speciality coffee and encourage them to be part of a movement that helps to protect it for future generations.

As speciality coffee roasters, it is the choices we make when buying coffee that will have the biggest impact on the future prospects of our industry. We have always chosen to take a long-term, relational approach to sourcing and we’re proud to have been transparent about the prices we pay since our first year in business.

Measuring our impact

Working in an environmentally sustainable way is a responsibility, not a choice. We have measured and published our impact every year since we were founded and we are committed to making informed, thoughtful decisions about how to reduce and compensate for our emissions.

We hope that by taking a transparent and simple approach to communicating our sustainability efforts, we can provide our customers with the tools to hold not only us, but all businesses, accountable.

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A simple approach to roasting

We roast in small batches on the Loring S35, with the aim of presenting the clearest expression of each coffee’s natural characteristics.

Our preference is for sweet, clean and transparent cup profiles, and this acts as a framework through which all of our buying and roasting decisions are made. The quality of our coffee is only as good as the raw materials that we source, and therefore as roasters, we see our role simply as unlocking the potential of the coffee and showcasing the work of the producers with whom we work in the most thoughtful and considered way possible.


Oli Jones: Head of Wholesale

Sofia Risso-Gill: Production Assistant and Design

Joshua Clark: Founder and Head of Coffee