Brew Guides

These guides have been designed to demystify a few of the more elaborate brewing methods that can be found today and demonstrate that anyone can brew great coffee at home.

How to brew

Using AeroPress

AeroPress Brew Guide

The AeroPress is great for experimenting with different brewing techniques, simple to use and easy to clean. A great choice for all types of coffee, the AeroPress is well-suited to brewing light, delicate cups as well as rich, heavy brews.

How to brew

Using V60

V60 Brew Guide

Loved for its simplicity, ease of use and consistency of brews, the V60 is our preferred pour-over coffee brewer. V60 brewing is a great choice for all coffees, but is especially well-suited to brewing clean and crisp lightly roasted coffees.

How to brew

Using Cafetière

Cafetière Brew Guide

The cafetière is a classic brewer which, due to its lack of paper filter, allows for a rich, heavy cup. Versatile and consistent, the cafetière is a great choice for all types of coffee.