Powering People & Change

Each month we send out a bag of Blossom to a person or organisation that are making a real positive change in the world. As well as keeping them bright eyed and bushy tailed to continue doing their incredible work, we want to use this project as a way of highlighting the positive stories that are out there of people making a stand for both people and the planet.

Let’s face it, the state of the world can sometimes seem utterly overwhelming and the sheer scale of the problems we are facing a little insurmountable. However, if you start to look a little harder you’ll soon discover a wide range of amazing people and organisations working hard to turn the tide and make a stand for both people and the planet.

The Powering People & Change project is our way of learning more about some of the incredible projects and initiatives taking place across the UK. We hope it serves to provide us all with a reminder that there are plenty of people out there striving for a happier and more sustainable future.

Some highlights from our previous editions from the Powering People & Change project are featured below and a full list of all our interviews can be found over on our journal.

Grain & Knot

With many of us putting our holiday plans aside for the year and choosing instead to invest in our homes, it’s now as important as ever to remember to support the smaller creative independents and keep a close eye on where and how those items are being produced.

For this months edition of the Powering People and Change Project we had a chat with the lovely Sophie Sellu about Grain & Knot, her one woman business creating beautiful hand carved objects from sustainable, storm fallen and reclaimed timber. We discuss the inspiration she finds in nature for her designs, the difficulty of finding the time to stay creative as a small business and the satisfaction that comes from giving a piece of wood a life after it was otherwise deemed as waste.

Read the interview here.

Athena Mellor

As we tentatively begin to emerge from one of the strangest times in living memory, there has been a tangible upsurge in people searching to reconnect with the outdoors and get back out into nature, not just for our physical wellbeing but also our eroded mental states as well.

This month we talked with writer, photographer and nature enthusiast Athena Mellor about the Ramble Guides, the restorative qualities of being out in nature, and how we can only expect people to start protecting the planet if they feel connected to it in a deeper way.

Read the interview here.

Pebble Magazine

If you’re anything like us here at Blossom, trying to understand how to have a more positive impact on the planet can sometimes take you round in circles and end up being a pretty exhausting, time-consuming affair.

We recently sat down for a brew with the endlessly inspiring Georgina Wilson-Powell, founder and editor of Pebble Magazine, to discuss sustainable living and what simple changes we can all make to our lifes to to embrace #EverydayActivism.

Read the interview here.


The state of the world can sometimes seem utterly overwhelming and very dark indeed. But it is in these moments that we can all benefit from the deeply therapeutic effects of having a good old laugh about it all.

This month we talked with Oliver Hayes and David Powell, hosts of Sustainababble, a comedy podcast about the environment and a firm favourite here at Blossom. We discuss the path they both took to get involved in environmental work, some of the interviews they’ve enjoyed the most over the years and top tips on how to easily identify eco babble.

Read the interview here.