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Mártir Espresso

Clean, soft and sweet

We taste red apple, toffee and dried fruit

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From: £8.50

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A washed process mix of caturra, colombia, castillo and typica varieties produced and harvested in September 2020 by a group of smallholders in the La Plata region of Colombia.


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Beautifully clean, balanced, and sweetness-forward, we’re so pleased to share coffee from this group in La Plata for the first time. Gentle and comforting with a classic regional profile, in the cup we find a caramelised sweetness that reminds us of toffee, balanced by notes of dried fruit and a soft red apple acidity.

Mártir, a group of 18 producers, was founded in 2019 by Didier Javier Pajoy Ico. Osito, the sourcing company with whom we work closely in Colombia, pay the producers directly and Didier earns nothing extra for volume. He essentially volunteers as the leader whose only motivation is to create a sustainable supply chain for himself and his associates.  There are no additional volume-driven incentives so the money that he and the other producers make is rooted in quality first, and second, in the volume that each of them can produce for themselves.

All of the producers are either farming organically or are in transition to organic practices, and Didier has spent a significant amount of time teaching producers how to make organic fertilisers and advising on how to best deal with waste water from washing coffee. For Mártir, the goal is always to produce the highest quality coffee in a manner which has the lowest impact on the environment.

Learn more about Mártir and read our interview with Didier here.

About the importer 

Osito Coffee was founded in early 2018 by Jose Jadir Losada and Kyle Bellinger to facilitate relationships between coffee farmers and roasters. Their goal is rather simple; to change the way green coffee has traditionally been bought and sold and shift the focus to building and maintaining longstanding relationships.

Read our interview with Osito here.

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